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Our family has been active in pistachio farming and development for over 50 years.


Pistacia Global, Inc. was established in 2007, but the family has been active in San Joaquin Valley's pistachio farming and development industry since 1975. Notably, owner Vahid Salehi is a fourth-generation family farmer. Vahid's values of dedication to achieving results for clients and always being responsive to their needs, is translated into the behavior and mindset of the company's team members. He holds himself and his staff to the highest standards of integrity and ensures they strive to be accountable for their work. His ability to build and nurture positive relationships within the industry has been a key part of the company's growth and client success. 


 At Pistacia Global, Inc., we combine our expertise, talents, and strong work ethics to deliver some of the best artisan pistachios found in the heart of the Central Valley.

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