Quality backed by Integrity is our philosophy and to always strive to offer the best customer service.   Our family has been active in pistachio farming and development for over 50 years.  The family operation started in the San Joaquin Valley of California back in 1975, illustrating our presence as one of the oldest pistachio developers in the United States.  We currently farm 3,300 acres of pistachios and 550 acres of almonds.

If “Knowledge is Power,” then we are considered very powerful and experienced in the pistachio industry.  This experience has come from years of research and hard work to where it is today; a well developed science!  We work very closely with UC Farm advisors and research teams to consistently bring the latest in agricultural practices and breakthroughs to our farms.  The result?  Some of the best artisan pistachios found in the heart of the Central Valley, California.

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